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Honkawa Elementary School Peace Museum

#1: In the front is the preserved building. A new school building is seen in the right corner and rear.
Design: MASUDA Kiyoshi
Location: Honkawa-cho Naka-ku, Hiroshima City
Purpose of Use: School
Completed in: 1928
Preservation work completed in: April 1988
Structure: RC, three-storied & basement (on completion)
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This elementary school stands across the river from Peace Park. It is 250 m away from the A-bomb Dome. This is one of the oldest elementary schools in Japan and I (makoto) attended this school.

After the Great Kanto Earthquake in 1923, many ferroconcrete elementary schools were built all over the country. This was probably the first ferroconcrete school building in Hiroshima City. In those days, most buildings were two-storied, so this three-storied school building of urban atmosphere with arched windows must have been very conspicuous.

It was designed by MASUDA Kiyoshi, who also designed the Rest House. This building survived the explosion and blast
thanks to its sturdy structure and was in use after the war. (Remember almost all students and teachers in school perished at the time of the atomic explosion.) The site plan of the building was in L shape, but in 1951 half was demolished and it became like a rectangle. In 1987, it was almost demolished but part of it has been preserved as a museum.

#2 : Originally in L shaped like this. The Honkawa river is in the front and the A-bomb Dome is right in front of it.

#3 : Fine details



: The basement can be visited.

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[TRAM] Three minutes on foot from Hiroden Honkawa-cho station
[BUS] Three minutes on foot from Honkawa-cho bus stop
Within walking distance from Peace Park or A-bomb Dome
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[For Visitors]
Visitors are accepted when school is open. No reservation necessary if not in a large group. Go to the school office for permission first.
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